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What fits in my ThinkTank Logistics Manager 30?

On almost every photo assignment I do, I pack my ThinkTank Logistics Manager 30 full of lighting equipment and cameras. Most of the time, I use maybe a fraction of the stuff in the rolling case, but having a lot of options and backup for many situations is nice.

In short, there is enough room in my modified “BigWheels” rolling case for two camera bodies, three normal sized lenses, two larger light sources and two smaller, plus an assortment of batteries, clamps, chargers, filters and much much more.

Cameras, lights and stuff

In the large compartment, divided into smaller spaces, I have found a good interior design that has room for everything I need. Almost.

  • Nikon D5 body + 85 mm lens
  • 2 x Profoto A1
  • 2 x Profoto B10 (or Profoto B1)
  • Nikon D750 + 50mm lens
  • Sigma ART 28mm lens
  • 2 x Profoto AirTTL remote
  • Camera batteries
  • Profoto B10/B1 batteries
  • Gaffer Tape
  • Blotting/rice paper for shiny foreheads
  • Clamps, spigots, umbrella holder plus hotshoe
  • Lighting filter gels, straps
  • DIY Disco Prism for Profoto A1

If I choose to bring two Profoto B10 instead of two Profoto B1, I have room for a MacBook Pro, a spraycan of smoke, a collapsible RoundFlash “ringflash” softbox, a collapsible reflector plus something for my models to sit on if I shoot outside in the cold (or on dirty surfaces).

The inside of the top can be used for smaller things, depending on how much you pack in the larger compartment. I use that space mostly for slim stuff such as batteries, filters and memory cards.

Here is what I have there all the time:

  • Extra Memory Cards (XQD and SD)
  • Pens and pencils
  • AA and AAA batteries
  • Profoto A1 batteries
  • XQD Memory Card Reader (USB)
  • Notebook
  • Smaller tools (Swiss Army knife etc.)
  • Profoto A1 Clic colour filters and grid
  • X-rite ColorChecker
  • Profoto A1 battery charger
  • Profoto B10 battery charger

Other interior designs

Above is a collage of different setups from ThinkTank that shows a few ways how you can use the dividers. You can of course use the outside pockets for storing stuff as well.

Transporting light stands

I really like to have just one thing to transport, that is why I “invented” this Piggyback stand basket for rolling cases [DIY]. It is based on a laundry basket and holds quite a few Manfrotto stands as well as my Gitzo camera tripod. The legs fits in the largest outside pocket and hangs there ready to be unmounted when I need to start setting up.

Larger Wheels FTW

My best modification on any equipment I use must be this: Large Wheels for Think Tank Logistics Manager [DIY].

Stuffing a rolling case full of equipment is one thing, but getting it to roll smoothly on almost any surface will make your back and shoulders smile. I like to think that all the sensitive electronics I depend on will survive better if I can shield it a bit from bumps all day long.

ThinkTank Logistics Manager is the best equipment bag/case I have ever used, with a piggyback stand case plus larger wheels, it has become my mobile portrait studio on-location.

Sometimes I add a camera backpack, just to divide the equipment a bit, but most of the time I only bring this rolling case.

Very much recommended, especially if you add the big wheels.


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