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SnotGlamour in Home Studio


January was the worst month in years for us with three kids, I can count the days when we all were free of flu, fever, cold or a nagging cough on my Profoto battery lights (I have four).

But, being at home with the boys I have learned that slightly feverish and snotty kids makes for good photo models. Just rig a simple symmetrical lighting and put them on a chair for ultra-realistic portraits that might not find its way into my portfolio, or maybe they will?


I tend to start many of my assignments on-location with this exact setup, and there is a good reason for it. Or many.

It is very simple, most people looks interesting with it, and it can be modified into quite a lot of different variations with just a small adjustment of either lights output, or move one of them, or raise one, or turn one off?


As you can see, just two Profoto B1 with a Profoto Deep Umbrella Large White on either side, on the exact same height with the same power settings on both.


I don’t know if my immune system would approve, but maybe this could grow into a profitable niche for photographer. Book photo shoots at home when the parents are tending to their small ones with a cold, might be an effective way of creating memories in a new way?

This is also shot with one of my least used lenses, a 135mm/2.0 on my Nikon D750. Very robust and mechanical, but need a bit of light to focus correctly. And when it does, a fantastic old-school portrait lens.

By the way, I am now the first on Internet to use the exact phrase/word “SnotGlamour”. Maybe I should copyright it?

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