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Natural Light Rockabilly Portrait


Most of the photos I display on my blog are often done with studio lights, either in my studio or on-location. Before I shoot, there is often a plan that I may or may not stick to regarding the light.

This portrait Sweden’s foremost expert on the 50’s subculture we call “raggare” which I have done a quick research on and might at a glance translate to the rockabilly style, the word “greaser” also shows up here.

Nevermind, I just wanted to show how a publicity photo for an author can look like sometimes when you have finished the session in his apartment trying to avoid reflections in all the glass-framed posters he had on the walls and not breaking all the memorabilia he had found a way of filling the place up with. There was almost no place for a light stand on the floor.

This portrait was done the easiest way possible, only natural light on a cloudy day, not even a reflector (which I almost always use under those circumstances), my Nikon D800 and a 85/1.4G lens.

Sometimes portrait photography can be that easy.

And it helps with a rugged face and a great hairdo. Plus a leather jacket.

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