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I will be back, soon


As you might have noticed, I have not been able to write anything on this blog for quite a while. The reason is simple, being home with twins, now 15 months old, full time, requires all my time and energy. Or maybe not all my time. There is always time, but if you don’t have the energy for it, you can’t really write something interesting. At least, that is what I feel.

And they have an older brother, and we just bought a house.

I will start writing new blog posts very soon, I have missed doing that.

If you want to follow me on Facebook, please do. Or browse a lot of photos with twins, you might want to follow me on Instagram.

I am happy to answer any question you think I might have the answer to, probably something related to photography and studio lighting, that I can make time for here and there. Easiest way is probably my Facebook page.

More to come, as they say.

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