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Ring Flash – quick test shot

Profoto Ring Flash with PR Widesoft Ring Flash Diffuser, profile studio portrait/headshot.

Finally I have bought a Profoto Ring Flash, together with a PR Widesoft Reflector. I got both used at two different stores last week, by pure luck, and payed a little more than half the price they cost new. So I am happy.

Having only used the Orbis for my Speedlights before (mostly for fun portraits of my kids), this is a big step for me. I have tried using the Orbis in the studio, but never really gotten any good results. This was completely different, and quite difficult.


For my first run with the ring flash, I had something Dan Winter-ish in mind, just as a starting point (it evolved into something really not like it, of course), but without the heavy coat.

The setup for this portrait used a Profoto AcuteB 600R connected to the ring flash. It is the only thing I can connect it to, as I only work with Profoto D1 monoblocs in the studio. Starting with the lowest effect setting, I added a gridded Profoto Magnum reflector camera left high up feathered onto the model’s face and a medium sized Creative Light Octa as hair light (but that is almost not visible in this shot).

I will do a more detailed blog post later with more examples. Working with the ring flash is very different than using other types of lights (or modifiers), a whole new technique for me to try to master some day. But I like it already, and I have been thinking of getting one for a very long time, so I guess I will try to fit it into a lot of different lighting situations, just to learn.

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