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Orbis Ringflash, quick Batman-test

Orbis Ringflash, test at home with Kid Batman. Photographer Stefan Tell

I recently bought an Orbis Ringflash, to use with my SB-800. Exactly for what, I still don’t know. Maybe to explore the ringflash world a bit before I go out and spend a lot more on a “real” ringflash for my Profoto system to use in the studio.

Using it is not real that easy, together with a Nikon D700, a heavy lens and a battery pack, my arms ache after a short time. I didn’t buy the arm/bracker to mount it properly so I have to hold the camera with one hand and try to get the SB-800 not to fall out of the Orbis while I hold it in position around the lens.


This was just a quick test with one of my sons who is extremely reluctant to act as a model usually, but a strange looking thing around the camera and a Batman suit later, he didn’t want to stop modeling (doing his best Nosferatu impression as well).

I have tried it once in the studio, but using a portrait lens doesn’t give the usual bright eye with the big catchlight effect I wanted. It might be good for on-axis fill.

Or it might be good for the same reason my son liked it, it transforms the scary camera into something strange that is more fun. Which might come in handy when photographing subjects that usually don’t like cameras?

Anyway, I think with just this session, it payed off for me. And made the whole thing of taking pictures of my children at home funnier. Just switch on TTL, set the camera to Program and move in really close, or up against a wall.

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  • Justin Van Leeuwen September 28, 2012, 21:14

    The thing I like about something like the Orbis is that it’s TTL flash, so it can automatically adjust as you re-position yourself. As you know, when moving a larger ring-flash around you always have to remember to raise or lower the power significantly.

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