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4 color gel filters in one portrait


This is definitely a first for me, using four different colors on all the studio lights used in this setup. An assignment for a Swedish book publisher to create some publicity photos of the author and illustrator for a future book release.

The theme of the book is aliens and UFOs, so what fits better than a lighting setup that would rival any cheap science fiction tv-series (just without the cardboard spaceship interior) or album cover art for some synth group from the eighties?

As soon as the publisher and the guys writing and illustrating the book has picked their favourites, I will put together a small post describing how to battle light coming from all directions in many colors. Until then, all I can show you is myself standing looking bored when I tried to get all the light sources and colors work the way I wanted them.

The best part must be that when the whole picture is lit with so many different colors, there is absolutely no need to try color correcting it or make the skin tones look good (because there are no natural skin tones left, at all).

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  • Famuyiwa Oyebola June 28, 2011, 13:13

    Sure using gels could be tricky!!! I’ve seen only a few people do it well. People just use them cause they want to use them not because it’s necessary. Nice job here. I should be trying them out pretty soon too. Cheers.

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