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Thank you, Profoto USA (again)


Links from other blogs are always nice, together with comments here, they are the fuel that runs this blog. But when Profoto USA wrote a post on their blog and included a link, I almost blushed. Being featured there together with really talented photographers is really an honour.

It also really proves the Long Tail theory and gives me great pleasure every day when people from all over the world interested in studio lighting and photography find their way to my small blog. Fame, fun, but no fortune. Yet.

It started with clothing photography

Earlier this year I was asked by a Swedish fashion designer to shoot every garment she had made for a web shop they were about to launch. Together with different angles for every piece of clothing I ended up delivering 325 photos all shot on white background with the same setup and model.

As I often do, I documented the session and the studio lighting setup with diagrams and all. Now it is a routine I have, and it is great if you ever need to reproduce the same lighting again. Which I also did a couple of weeks ago when the fall/winter collection needed product photos for the web shop.

Here is the blog post I wrote:
Clothing Photography – Step by step

A blog post and a tweet


After Profoto USA had posted on their blog and spread it via Twitter, the visitors have been coming here from all over the world. It has been two months since they posted the link and the visitors keep coming.


It might not be a world record of any kind, but the fact that it continues to drive traffic is really interesting. Google Analytics shows that the people coming here often stay a while and browse through my small blog.

Last time Profoto USA sent visitors my way was for something a little bit more exciting, a hard light portrait I did using a Magnum reflector. The tweet together with a mention on their Facebook-page gave me a lot of new visitors that keeps coming back, even if I have a hard time updating the blog at the pace I wish I could.

Long Tail

The effect was similar, at first a bigger wave and later a small trickle but a trickle nonetheless. And it goes on forever. I guess that’s the fine thing about Internet, things spread even if they spread slowly.

Every time something like this happens, I’m really glad, but also start to think how it might be possible to turn this obsession with documenting lighting setups into something that I might earn some money from.

Until then, I’m glad for all the mentions and comments, please let me know how I can make this blog better and more interesting for you.

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