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Quick test – Gary Fong Lightsphere

When doing a car photography job with American muscle cars for a client we rounded off the evening with some shots with the cars parked. And as they had brought along some models to act as vintage style muscle co-drivers (or what you might call them) we took some pictures of them in and around the cars until the light ran out.

A long time ago I bought a Gary Fong Lightsphere but haven’t really used it on an assignment until now. So, with a nice setting when the sun was about to set I put it on my flash to experiment a bit.

Unfortunately I never thought of taking the same pictures with and without it, so there is noting to compare with. But, even if the thing looks kind of silly when mounted on the Speedlight I think it worked quite ok.

It softens the light, but more importantly, the light source gets away more from the camera, I think. You can fit it with inserts to change the color temperature or to lessen the effect loss from the flash. I just used it out of the box with the standard stuff for this shot.

There are a number of different light/flash modifiers that does about the same thing, but I haven’t tried any other. Maybe the effect would be more prominent when used indoors.

Apart from the bulky and silly look of it when you have it mounted on the flash on the camera it doesn’t add much weight, so it is really easy to use. My version of it is the older one, so you have to press a bit to have it fit on the flash, but that worked fine. And I had no problem with it falling off. The new versions use some kind of velcro strap, I think.

When used outdoors combined with available light, it worked just as advertised. As soon as I have tried it again, I will post some examples.

If you have any experience of the Lightsphere, or any other light modifier, please let me know what you think.