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Studio portrait of a swedish female model. Nikon D700 85mm/1.4 Profoto

Time For Print-photoshoots is nothing I have tried before, but it felt natural to try it after having worked with the model in the photo above several times working for a Swedish fashion designer shooting her collection.

I wanted to try a new lighting setup with focus on more lights reflected in her eyes and more light coming from behind her on both sides.

Click here for more details, behind the scenes and diagram

Studio portrait with female model using Profoto beautydish & octabox

I rarely shoot models in the studio, it is mostly business portraits, of ordinary people with little or no experience of standing in front of the camera (and some of them start by saying that they would rather go to the dentist, huh?).

Niouscha, a Swedish model I worked with when we went through every garment ever made by Fräulein von Hast (read the step-by-step on clothing photography here) wanted new photos for her portfolio, and I saw the opportunity to work with a pro. A classic TFP, my first actually.

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Mime portrait, studio photography lighting tutorial setup

One of the things I do most as a photographer is portraits, mostly for companies but sometimes artists or anyone who needs/wants a nice looking photo for their CV or mantelpiece.

This time the portrait session involved a guy in a striped polo, with white make-up, white gloves and a beret. Not your everyday model.

For his portraits, close-up as well as half length and full length, I used four studio lights, one white paper background and a black book-end.

Click for more photos, setup diagrams etc…

Mime, a studio portrait

February 3, 2011 · 0 comments

Mime, studio portrait of. Photographer Stefan Tell

In my daily work as a portrait photographer in Stockholm, Sweden, I mostly take pictures of ordinary people without make-up. But not this day.

A Swedish stand-up comedian, Lasse Nilsen, who also is a mime (he went to Paris and learned from the best, he says) wanted me to take some portraits of him, all dressed up and face painted white. Who can turn down a photo session with a mime? Not me.

We met last year when I took some group photos of him together with two other comedians for a show they do as a trio.

His idea originally was to make a photo he could use for a poster, with him in full mime uniform, but with a twist. It involved a lot of Photoshopping and I will make that a separate post later.

This was the first time I got to use my new Profoto D1, and they feel instantly like a big step up from the Compacts I have been using for years now. The light setup involved one Profoto Magnum, one 5 foot Octa and two strip softboxes, but more on the diagram and details later.

Studio portrait with just one light (Profoto Compact + Softbox Octa 5') on white/grey background

Shooting studio portraits with just one light is maybe the best way to start. Most of my setups begins with getting the main light right, and after that, I continue building up the idea I have with additional lights and reflectors etc.

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