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One Light Portrait

November 3, 2011 · 9 comments

One light portrait

This is in my opinion the easiest way of doing a studio portrait with only one light, add a reflector below if you feel that a little reflected fill light might improve it. Silver if you want more fill and contrast, white if you just want diffused light.

You can use it in the studio or on location, the only thing you need is a studio light (or speedlight), a softbox and a boom stand. Adjust the light on the model and/or background by moving the light/model if you want different looking photos. In this case, I shot against a white paper background which turned out light grey.

Behind the scenes from this one light session…

Business portrait setup using three lights

This is a business portrait from the final session the day I used almost the same lighting setup for three different clients with just the addition of one more light for every new “model”.

It started with the one light setup with a test model (a friend with a skate board), which resulted in these portraits of a Swedish singer.

Later the same day, I shot some business portraits using two lights, and last, the portrait above with a third light used as fill light. Just a little, to make the texture in his face become more visible, and the shadows more open.

Lighting setup diagram and behind the scenes here…

Business portrait headshot in photo studio using one Profoto Magnum and rim light

This business portrait is a simple development of the one light Magnum portrait (click link for behind the scenes photos and more) I shot earlier the same day as a test. It uses the same key/main light as before, a Profoto D1 250 Air with a gridded Profoto Magnum reflector from above through a large Chimera panel with diffusion fabric.

I just added another D1 in a medium sized softbox (2×3 feet or 60×90 cm) placed near the background half way behind the bookend so the effective size of the light is more of a strip softbox.

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Product Photography - Packshot of pills and plastic bottles

One type of product photography that seem to have a growing demand in the photography market is the clean and simple packshot. Usually shot on white background with soft shadows and very even lighting. Easy to use for the clients both in their web shops and printed material.

Even if it seems to be easy to achieve decent looking product photos with a cheap camera and a light tent, many clients of mine have already tried that and wants something a little more professional looking.

My latest assignment in this field was a product shot for a company that sells pills of different kinds, they needed a photo for a magazine ad.

Here is my lighting setup, work flow and how I took it

Studio portrait of curly haired woman standing in front of black paper background lit with two Profoto Compact lights

While giving my online portfolio a well deserved make-over I found some old studio portraits that I almost had forgotten. This is a portrait of a very talented Swedish illustrator and artist that I shot for a book publisher some years ago with a Nikon D2x and a Nikkor 17-55/2.8 using the only lights I had at the time.

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