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I tested the new Profoto OCF Color Gel Starter Kit last week and it is finally really easy to use them on the Profoto B1 and B2.

With this small and lightweight solution, I don’t need to fiddle with clamps or duct tape to attach color correction or other gels to my battery flashes any more.

Read my short review to see more of what is in the package and what you can use it for.

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I was fortunate to try the new collapsible and very lightweight Profoto OCF Beauty Dish last week and here is a brief test of how it works and feels. In short: it is going to be a useful addition to my equipment.

First, it is not a round metal beauty dish as the classic version, more like a OCF Octa evolved into something else. The BD is a bit more shallow but has the same measurement on the front, so you can use the same softgrid if you would like.

Here is my test with pictures…


I bought a Fuji X100s after what feels like years of research and thinking about what I really was looking for. It is not that I lack cameras. I have a few, but they are all DSLR, and for some reason I almost never use them outside my work as a full-time photographer. My family only gets the iPhone/Instagram treatment, and that is a bit sad. And boring for my kids later on.

My experiences from compact cameras are not the best. I tend to use them a bit and then put them somewhere, never really liking using them or the resulting photos. Most of the time they stay there until I have forgotten that I even own them. The problem is often that I compare them to my Nikon cameras in terms of speed and ease of use.

But now, only after a couple of days with my new Fuji X100s, I am finally happy with a smaller camera. Not that it is that small, but easier to hang on my shoulder and start using whenever I want to.

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