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Last year, I posted a test shot from this photo session with a Swedish author, and now I can show the real portrait. Her book is out, so there is no restrictions anymore.

This is from the studio were we tried a couple of different setups, one of them with a green background and ring flash. My main light was a beauty dish, but the ring flash did its part too by adding fill from the camera angle, on-axis as they say.

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lighting setup diagram - 2-in-1 group and portrait, layers

This is, without bragging too much, my smartest lighting setup by far.

Or so far. It is a combination of things I have learned when struggling with making the standard group shot more easy to manage and one of my standard portrait setups I use in the studio as well as on location.

This is lighting in layers, where each layer is a working setup for individual portraits/headshots and smaller group shots, respectively. All you need the four lights, but you could do it with only three if you skip the rim light.

This is how it worked, and looked…

Portrait lit with Profoto Telezoom reflector and large Chimera diffusion panel

This is a portrait from one of my latest assignments, press photos of a debuting author of childrens books for a Swedish publishing house.

The day before I had shot headshots of a guy working as a promoter here in Sweden, a little bit like Jerry Maguire as I understood it. Instead of packing all the lights away for the night, I let them stand in the studio so I could use the same setup as a starting point for this photo shoot.

Most of the time, I start from scratch, but having a main light and all the setting already tested saves a lot of time (when possible, as I share the studio with others that uses it from time to time).

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Setting up a photo studio in a client’s office is often a lot of work, but I really appreciate that my clients uses their own people and places to create stock photography-looking photos instead of buying generic ones.

In many ways, it is easy to follow the stock photo recipe, and it creates photos that are easy to use for my clients. This day, we did four different settings, and the “discussion between colleagues at the coffee bar” was one of them.

The problem was the rain pouring down outside with heavy grey skies and almost no natural light to use to get ambient light into the scene.

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Woman In Red - One Light Portrait using Profoto D1 and Umbrella XL translucent

I have just recently starting using umbrellas in my lighting setups, but that was not the case before Profoto released their XL line. First I bought two Umbrella XL Silver (together with front diffusers). They have proven to be very useful for easy on-location lighting of both individual portraits as well as smaller group shots.

This spring, I added an Umbrella XL Translucent to my equipment bag, mostly to use as a very soft and big fill light that didn’t take too much space in my equipment bag. Not needning to pack so many softboxes and especially speedrings makes a lot of difference when shooting on location. I carry everything myself.

The big umbrella works just fine in the studio too…