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Snoot Portrait & setup

September 30, 2011 · 3 comments

Snoot portrait shot in photo studio. See lighting setup diagram for details. Photographer Stefan Tell

I haven’t used the snoot for portraits in a while, and when a publisher in Stockholm asked me to take some portraits of a writer, I thought it could be a good idea to include it. To create something a little different.

Using the snoot all by itself would maybe have been cool, but not that useful. Maybe if she wrote vintage mystery novels. So, I used it together with a much larger light source from the same direction, a 5 foot Profoto softbox Octa. As something between fill and key light.

Lighting diagram & behind the scenes here…

Studio portrait of a swedish female model. Nikon D700 85mm/1.4 Profoto

Time For Print-photoshoots is nothing I have tried before, but it felt natural to try it after having worked with the model in the photo above several times working for a Swedish fashion designer shooting her collection.

I wanted to try a new lighting setup with focus on more lights reflected in her eyes and more light coming from behind her on both sides.

Click here for more details, behind the scenes and diagram

On-location portrait photography

Most of my portrait photography I do in my studio, but quite often the client wants me to pack up my equipment and set up a small studio at their office for a quick portrait session.

This time it was software company Adobe in Sweden that needed new portraits, I think they mostly will use them on blogs, intranet and in their image bank. Just ordinary half-length portraits that can be cropped to headshots if needed.

I brought some lights and set up a studio in their conference room.

Behind the scenes, diagrams and more…

Profoto Magnum reflector used for portrait of Swedish Author Ulf Stark. Photographer Stefan Tell, Stockholm, Sweden

The Profoto Magnum is not one of my most used light modifiers, but every time I feel to give a portrait some extra contrast it never fails to produce great results. But, it is not for every face, at least not the way I used it when I shot some press images for a well-known Swedish author, Ulf Stark.

Ulf is very used to having his picture taken, and we met earlier a couple of years ago when I took a lot of portraits of authors and illustrators for a publishing house, his included.

Lighting setup, and more Magnum-portraits…

Product Photography - Packshot of pills and plastic bottles

One type of product photography that seem to have a growing demand in the photography market is the clean and simple packshot. Usually shot on white background with soft shadows and very even lighting. Easy to use for the clients both in their web shops and printed material.

Even if it seems to be easy to achieve decent looking product photos with a cheap camera and a light tent, many clients of mine have already tried that and wants something a little more professional looking.

My latest assignment in this field was a product shot for a company that sells pills of different kinds, they needed a photo for a magazine ad.

Here is my lighting setup, work flow and how I took it