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I am not a wedding photographer, but I have helped a few friends with portraits from their big days from time to time. My latest example is from a wedding in Stockholm near the lake Mälaren where they had a ceremony at their house and we decided to take the arranged photos near the water.

They were really lucky with the weather, and I was lucky that I had brought a big light to compete with that sun on a nearly cloudless sky. It has been quite windy lately in Stockholm, and working without an assistant, travelling light, using a beauty dish and a heavy lighting stand is the best combination trying to reduce the risk of expensive equipment falling and breaking.

One light on a sunny day…


Sometimes, being a photographer can be this simple. An author, a tree, a silver reflector and a cloudy day. And a Nikon D700 and a 85mm/1.4 lens.

Normally, overcast skies are not my number one choice of weather for portraits, but if you add just a silver reflector it can be just fantastic. It is something with the saturation of colours and the softness of the light that works very well with faces.

Take away the reflector and it often gets quite ugly with dark eye sockets and boring contrast, in my opinion. It might be even better with a combination of white and silver in the reflector, but if the effect of the silver one is too strong, just place it a bit further away or hang a bit of black clothing on it to make it less like a mirror.

Here comes the sun. Soon.

February 28, 2012 · 0 comments

Outdoor portrait with reflector and diffusion panel in sunlight

This is just a reminder that soon a lot of my assignments can be done with just a reflector and a diffusion panel. And not having to freeze while taking a stiff portrait of some poor guy or girl outside in the cold just to use the little natural light that might be available around lunch just before it gets dark again.


Sunlight is very hard to beat when it comes to lighting a portrait, and even if you surround your models with stands and screens, they are a lot more relaxed out in the open than they are in the studio.

I really look forward to be able to work with sunlight again.

A portrait in the woods

October 16, 2011 · 0 comments

Portrait of a female poet in the woods

I was asked by a friend, a female journalist and poet, if I could help her with some portraits for her first book which will be published some time next spring. My photo studio was at the moment not very usable because of the cyclorama we were building, so we packed a silver reflector and headed into the woods.

One of the nice things with a forest as the setting for portraits in the autumn is how many different backgrounds you can get by just turning around on one spot. A cold blue/green portrait in one direction, or a warmer portrait with a lot of bokeh from the light shining through the canopy.

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Publicity portrait with bokeh using one light (Profoto AcuteB 600R) and ambient light

One of my latest assignments was taking some portraits of the director of The Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award (ALMA). I have worked for them during the last three years, mostly documenting their winners visiting Sweden for the award week and ceremony. Now it was just some publicity portraits we did.

It is nice to get outside the studio and try to do simple portraits on location with as little equipment as possible. I brought only one light this time (a Profoto AcuteB 600R and a large 5 foot softbox Octa), but we managed to get good portraits from three different “stations” without having to spend too much time on setups and preparations.

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