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Setting up a photo studio in a client’s office is often a lot of work, but I really appreciate that my clients uses their own people and places to create stock photography-looking photos instead of buying generic ones.

In many ways, it is easy to follow the stock photo recipe, and it creates photos that are easy to use for my clients. This day, we did four different settings, and the “discussion between colleagues at the coffee bar” was one of them.

The problem was the rain pouring down outside with heavy grey skies and almost no natural light to use to get ambient light into the scene.

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One of my first assignments after the vacation was to take a couple of portraits of a designer doing graphic prints on fabric (screen printing, is that a word in English?). She needed new photos to be used in PR and hopefully they will end up in magazines together with the products she produces.

She prints her things in a large factory converted to a shop for artists were they can print, develop film, do large art projects and stuff like that. Being an old factory often means very large windows, and so it was. Very large windows, on two walls.

A couple of more natural light portraits…

Banco-del-Libro_Astrid-Lindgren-Memorial-Award-reciepient. Photographer Stefan Tell

Last week as was in Bologna, Italy, on an assignment for The Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award (ALMA). My job was to cover the announcement of the winner, photograph and deliver press photos from the book fair and generally supply my client with photos from different events during my two days in the city for their image bank.

As this was the tenth anniversary of the prize, some of the earlier recipients were at the fair to celebrate. During a hectic schedule I managed to take a couple of minutes with each of them, to get good up-to date portraits my client can use.

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I mostly work for companies but sometimes there is someone who thinks it might be worth it to hire me just to get good portraits, and pay with their hard earned (and taxed) cash. Not that I am that expensive, but people paying out of their own pocket tend to go for the cheapest alternative (i.e. not me).

The guy in the portrait above wanted to try his luck and send some pictures to a model agency. What he needed was a couple of portraits, without make-up or styling, and we did a couple in the studio and moved outside for a few more under a really grey and cloudy sky.

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A portrait in the woods

October 16, 2011 · 0 comments

Portrait of a female poet in the woods

I was asked by a friend, a female journalist and poet, if I could help her with some portraits for her first book which will be published some time next spring. My photo studio was at the moment not very usable because of the cyclorama we were building, so we packed a silver reflector and headed into the woods.

One of the nice things with a forest as the setting for portraits in the autumn is how many different backgrounds you can get by just turning around on one spot. A cold blue/green portrait in one direction, or a warmer portrait with a lot of bokeh from the light shining through the canopy.

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