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One last model portrait

December 7, 2011 · 0 comments

Model portrait using two studio lights, Profoto Magnum. Photographer Stefan Tell

This will be the last photo from this portrait session I did for a guy wanted to get into the modelling business as a male model. Last I heard from him, he had signed for an agency so I guess the pictures did what they were for. Showing his potential.

First we started with a one-light setup using only a Profoto D1 250 Air and a Magnum reflector, together with a reflector for a little fill.

Adding another light reveals details…

One light model portrait using Profoto Magnum reflector. Photographer Stefan Tell

Recently I took some portraits for a guy wanting to try his luck as a male model, click here for the result from the outdoor portrait session on a cloudy day.

Before that we started in the studio with a very simple lighting setup. Just one Profoto D1 250 Air and a gridded Magnum reflector, and a bookend. On white background. No retouching, just him.

Lighting setup, behind the scenes and more here…


I mostly work for companies but sometimes there is someone who thinks it might be worth it to hire me just to get good portraits, and pay with their hard earned (and taxed) cash. Not that I am that expensive, but people paying out of their own pocket tend to go for the cheapest alternative (i.e. not me).

The guy in the portrait above wanted to try his luck and send some pictures to a model agency. What he needed was a couple of portraits, without make-up or styling, and we did a couple in the studio and moved outside for a few more under a really grey and cloudy sky.

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Here is another portrait from a recent photo session with a young Swedish model I have worked with. The light setup and post-production is about the same as the portrait I wrote about earlier, see the post with lighting diagram and behind the scenes photos here.

Just a different crop and a little lighter retouch. What strikes me when I am working with something like this is how I never can go as far with skin fixing and beauty retouch as I had planned.

I always work as much as I can with all the tricks that Photoshop offers, just to reduce the opacity of all the adjustment layers until the original photo shines through enough so it feels like a normal human being again.

Something I have to work with, I suppose. Or just continue photographing ordinary people.

Studio portrait of a swedish female model. Nikon D700 85mm/1.4 Profoto

Time For Print-photoshoots is nothing I have tried before, but it felt natural to try it after having worked with the model in the photo above several times working for a Swedish fashion designer shooting her collection.

I wanted to try a new lighting setup with focus on more lights reflected in her eyes and more light coming from behind her on both sides.

Click here for more details, behind the scenes and diagram