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I have wondered if there might be a way to use flashlights as portrait lighting in my studio to create a headshot with relatively cheap and very portable lights. My goal was not to do the most creative portrait but to see if it was possible and what kind of problems I might encounter. And there were a few.

If this test turned out producing good lighting, I might be tempted to build a small kit including some bright flashlights and good solutions for attaching them to my lightweight studio stands (the Manfrotto Nano would be my choice).

It was quite different compared to using Profoto B1:s and D1:s together with all the lighting modifiers I am used to have at my disposal.

Behind the scenes, lighting diagram etc…

Example: lighting an outdoor portrait with the Wescott Ice Light - LED Lighting

This was my second time I used the Westcott Ice Light for some much needed fill doing some outdoor portraits for a consultant a cloudy and grey day. The photos from my first assignment are not yet published, so I will have to wait with those.

Unfortunately I didn’t shoot any portraits without the Ice Light, so I can’t really give you a comparison of how they would have looked if I hadn’t the help of this very portable and flexible lighting tool that I now bring along everywhere.

Ice Light is good for fill in daylight…


I have recently bought a Westcott Ice Light (LED light on a stick), and just used it once on a paid job but tried it a lot using my very cooperative kids as models.

They have gotten quite used to me testing all sorts of lighting setups, but here is the first big difference to my standard use of Speedlights or Profoto studio lights, this doesn’t flash. It is constant, and after flicking the light on, they get used to it pretty quick. And forgets it is even there. Unless I try to blinding them with it.

Read the quick review here…


I haven’t taken the leap to moving pictures, staying stubbornly with still photography and think it will continue to be a great demand for it, even if it doesn’t move.

But, sometimes I work with poeple filming, lately I was called in as a photographer to aid a film photographer when he documented an event at a business school in Stockholm. He filmed interviews, lectures and put together a short clip for his client, my assignment was to add photos to the package.

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