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Since I upgraded my ThinkTank Logistics Manager 30 with bigger wheels (link in post), my next thing to improve was how I transport tripods, stands and lighting modifiers such as umbrellas and softboxes.

When I only bring two lighting stands and two umbrellas, I can stick them in the pocket on the front. But for larger assignments with more equipment, I need a separate bag. And together with a backpack, that is not making my back happy.

Building instructions, step by step…


As a photographer I very often use the same lighting setup in my photo studio as my clients want their portraits or products photos to look the same way no matter when they were shot.

Achieving that is relatively simple, I make notes for every client what lighting modifiers I used, how high my stands were, what effect I used and the distance to the model or product. If I can, I also make a lighting setup diagram, but most of the times a simple Behind The Scenes-photo and the notes will suffice.

The one thing missing is…