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Hair light

Profoto, White Softlight Reflector and a bare bulb for this rockabilly portrait.

This is a portrait of what I guess is Sweden’s foremost expert on the rockabilly culture, that is maybe not so hard to guess by his appearance? His publisher asked me to get some publicity portraits for his new book, and I brought some lights and stands to his apartment thinking it was going to be easy.

It wasn’t. The portrait bit was not so hard, he is very used to getting his picture taken and even likes it, I think. But making room in his apartment for light stands and me and him and some other things I brought along was impossible.

So I had to restrict my plans a bit, and reduce the lighting to the bare minimum. One main light and one for the background, doubling as hair light.

One beauty dish and one bare bulb…

Porträttfotografering i fotostudio med guide om ljussättning

Last year I got a new client that needed business portraits in a classic corporate style for their consultants. They work a lot as a temp agency, but for longer assignments, and their main selling tool is their profiles, which of course needs good portraits.

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