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Beauty portrait with make-up, studio lighting with setup for face photo. Stefan Tell

This kind of beauty portraits in my studio is not what I usually do, but the lighting setup is useful for all kinds of headshots. The main difference might be that these photos have a lot more make-up and hours in Photoshop than the rest of my portfolio.

The client was a Swedish producer of make-up and they wanted photos of their products in use on a model to show the colours of the season. In my studio we managed to fit a model, a stylist, a hairdresser, a couple of people from the client’s office. And me. And four studio lights. And some light shapers.

Behind the scenes and how I did it…

One last model portrait

December 7, 2011 · 0 comments

Model portrait using two studio lights, Profoto Magnum. Photographer Stefan Tell

This will be the last photo from this portrait session I did for a guy wanted to get into the modelling business as a male model. Last I heard from him, he had signed for an agency so I guess the pictures did what they were for. Showing his potential.

First we started with a one-light setup using only a Profoto D1 250 Air and a Magnum reflector, together with a reflector for a little fill.

Adding another light reveals details…

Business portrait setup using three lights

This is a business portrait from the final session the day I used almost the same lighting setup for three different clients with just the addition of one more light for every new “model”.

It started with the one light setup with a test model (a friend with a skate board), which resulted in these portraits of a Swedish singer.

Later the same day, I shot some business portraits using two lights, and last, the portrait above with a third light used as fill light. Just a little, to make the texture in his face become more visible, and the shadows more open.

Lighting setup diagram and behind the scenes here…

Profoto Magnum reflector used for portrait of Swedish Author Ulf Stark. Photographer Stefan Tell, Stockholm, Sweden

The Profoto Magnum is not one of my most used light modifiers, but every time I feel to give a portrait some extra contrast it never fails to produce great results. But, it is not for every face, at least not the way I used it when I shot some press images for a well-known Swedish author, Ulf Stark.

Ulf is very used to having his picture taken, and we met earlier a couple of years ago when I took a lot of portraits of authors and illustrators for a publishing house, his included.

Lighting setup, and more Magnum-portraits…

Studio portrait of a rugged guy using a 4-light setup, Profoto

This was a test shot before taking studio portraits for a consulting company in Sweden. Having recently bought a Profoto AcuteB 600R I tried out a studio setup with four flashes. Usually, I use a reflector as fill, but having another flash head to work with, I wanted to see the difference in light and how it could be used to more flexibly lighten the shadows in my portraits in a better way.

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