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Business portrait headshot in photo studio using one Profoto Magnum and rim light

This business portrait is a simple development of the one light Magnum portrait (click link for behind the scenes photos and more) I shot earlier the same day as a test. It uses the same key/main light as before, a Profoto D1 250 Air with a gridded Profoto Magnum reflector from above through a large Chimera panel with diffusion fabric.

I just added another D1 in a medium sized softbox (2×3 feet or 60×90 cm) placed near the background half way behind the bookend so the effective size of the light is more of a strip softbox.

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One light portrait in photo studio using Profoto D1 and a Magnum reflector

Before helping some executives with business portraits in my studio the other day, I had the chance to experiment with a one light setup using only a Profoto Magnum reflector shot through a Chimera panel with diffusion fabric.

Luckily, Fripp, a guy I share office with, walked by and I didn’t have to use myself as a test dummy setting the lights right. It makes all the difference to have someone other that yourself to test different setups on (after a while, all the boring test shots I have of myself looks almost the same and it is hard to create something new).

A Profoto D1, a Magnum Reflector + setup diagrams…

Studio portrait of a swedish female model. Nikon D700 85mm/1.4 Profoto

Time For Print-photoshoots is nothing I have tried before, but it felt natural to try it after having worked with the model in the photo above several times working for a Swedish fashion designer shooting her collection.

I wanted to try a new lighting setup with focus on more lights reflected in her eyes and more light coming from behind her on both sides.

Click here for more details, behind the scenes and diagram