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Portrait lit with Profoto Telezoom reflector and large Chimera diffusion panel

This is a portrait from one of my latest assignments, press photos of a debuting author of childrens books for a Swedish publishing house.

The day before I had shot headshots of a guy working as a promoter here in Sweden, a little bit like Jerry Maguire as I understood it. Instead of packing all the lights away for the night, I let them stand in the studio so I could use the same setup as a starting point for this photo shoot.

Most of the time, I start from scratch, but having a main light and all the setting already tested saves a lot of time (when possible, as I share the studio with others that uses it from time to time).

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Here comes the sun. Soon.

February 28, 2012 · 0 comments

Outdoor portrait with reflector and diffusion panel in sunlight

This is just a reminder that soon a lot of my assignments can be done with just a reflector and a diffusion panel. And not having to freeze while taking a stiff portrait of some poor guy or girl outside in the cold just to use the little natural light that might be available around lunch just before it gets dark again.


Sunlight is very hard to beat when it comes to lighting a portrait, and even if you surround your models with stands and screens, they are a lot more relaxed out in the open than they are in the studio.

I really look forward to be able to work with sunlight again.

One light portrait on-location with Profoto AcuteB 600r. Photographer Stefan Tell

A magazine I work for a lot sent me to a clinic where they are specialized in x-raying dogs, and the vet above is well known in Sweden for being very good at positioning the dogs right, which is important, I have learned.

The assignment was for an article, and usually I try to deliver realistic photos using only available light. But, for some photos, it is nice to bring your own light and not have to rely on the dark skies of Sweden or the un-flattering light from fluorescent lamps.

One light is often enough…

One light studio portrait headshot, Profoto Magnum + diffusion panel

This is a portrait I did for a Swedish publishing house of a famous singer in my studio, using only one Profoto D1 250 Air and a Profoto Magnum reflector. And a silver reflector below her face to throw some light back up into the shadows and to add a little more sparkle in her eyes.

Behind the scenes and another Magnum portrait here…

Business portrait setup using three lights

This is a business portrait from the final session the day I used almost the same lighting setup for three different clients with just the addition of one more light for every new “model”.

It started with the one light setup with a test model (a friend with a skate board), which resulted in these portraits of a Swedish singer.

Later the same day, I shot some business portraits using two lights, and last, the portrait above with a third light used as fill light. Just a little, to make the texture in his face become more visible, and the shadows more open.

Lighting setup diagram and behind the scenes here…