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Trying to control light in my small studio is something I wrestle with all the time. With white walls close in and a white cyc light usually bounce around everywhere if you don’t stop it.

In the studio, we have large bookends to block light, but I felt we needed something flexible that won’t take up so much floor space.

Black Molton fabrics, heavy but flexible…

One light model portrait using Profoto Magnum reflector. Photographer Stefan Tell

Recently I took some portraits for a guy wanting to try his luck as a male model, click here for the result from the outdoor portrait session on a cloudy day.

Before that we started in the studio with a very simple lighting setup. Just one Profoto D1 250 Air and a gridded Magnum reflector, and a bookend. On white background. No retouching, just him.

Lighting setup, behind the scenes and more here…

Bare bulb photo studio portrait (Profoto 250 Air)

This is the result of a portrait studio session I had a couple of weeks ago with a duo writing and illustrating a book about aliens and UFOs. My main goal was to produce some images with a lot of crazy colours and for that I tried a four light setup (test image here). More on those photos later.

I have found that most clients (in this case a publishing house) likes to get portraits in a couple of different styles if possible, so they can use one type on their web site, another on the blog or Facebook etc.

And why not? To create this simple group portrait, I just had to turn off all the lights except one which I removed the reflector from, and switch from a black background to a white.

Lighting setup and comparison to a Magnum reflector…

Studio portrait of a swedish female model. Nikon D700 85mm/1.4 Profoto

Time For Print-photoshoots is nothing I have tried before, but it felt natural to try it after having worked with the model in the photo above several times working for a Swedish fashion designer shooting her collection.

I wanted to try a new lighting setup with focus on more lights reflected in her eyes and more light coming from behind her on both sides.

Click here for more details, behind the scenes and diagram

Profoto Magnum reflector used for portrait of Swedish Author Ulf Stark. Photographer Stefan Tell, Stockholm, Sweden

The Profoto Magnum is not one of my most used light modifiers, but every time I feel to give a portrait some extra contrast it never fails to produce great results. But, it is not for every face, at least not the way I used it when I shot some press images for a well-known Swedish author, Ulf Stark.

Ulf is very used to having his picture taken, and we met earlier a couple of years ago when I took a lot of portraits of authors and illustrators for a publishing house, his included.

Lighting setup, and more Magnum-portraits…