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Beauty portrait with make-up, studio lighting with setup for face photo. Stefan Tell

This kind of beauty portraits in my studio is not what I usually do, but the lighting setup is useful for all kinds of headshots. The main difference might be that these photos have a lot more make-up and hours in Photoshop than the rest of my portfolio.

The client was a Swedish producer of make-up and they wanted photos of their products in use on a model to show the colours of the season. In my studio we managed to fit a model, a stylist, a hairdresser, a couple of people from the client’s office. And me. And four studio lights. And some light shapers.

Behind the scenes and how I did it…

beauty portrait headshot with studio lighting setup diagram

This is just a closer headshot from the beauty portrait post I wrote about earlier. The setup is the same, I just moved a little closer to the model (or former model to be correct, she now works at an ad agency.

You can find the lighting diagram together with everything else here:
2-light beauty portrait setup

Shot on medium grey background paper, using two Profoto lights, one with a white Softlight reflector on a boom stand (the top catchlight), and the other in a 5 foot Softbox Octa behind me (the smaller catchlight below). And a reflector below.

Developed in Lightroom 3 and retouch was made in Photoshop, mostly skin retouch and some minor contrast adjustments.

Simple beauty portrait, half length, of photo model using two lights, one beautydish and one Profoto softbox Octa

Usually I take portraits of people with no or very little experience in front of the camera, the times I have a “real” model in the studio are easily counted. Very very.

This time I was asked to photograph a woman with a lot of experience in modeling in her earlier career as a model, now she works at an ad agency. She and her business partner wanted promotional photos and came to my studio for some portraits and group shots.

Click for studio lighting setup and examples…