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Who moved the sun?

October 21, 2013 · 4 comments


Natural light is often very nice and easy to work with, but sometimes it comes from the wrong direction and makes the location you find yourself in not optimal. One solution to that might be to chose a better location, but why not move the sun instead?

When shooting portraits of famous author/illustrator Anna Höglund we were using her studio which is a small house on her lawn. It is very small and full of stuff, and that autumn day the sun was shining hard light through the windows. With no adjustment to that light, the portraits would probably come out very dark with too much contrast, not really what I had in mind.

One light and a little diffusion solved it…

Autumn light and flash

October 14, 2013 · 1 comment


The autumn is here in Sweden and the light is hard and low. Mostly.

My latest assignment was to shoot author portrait of Anna, in her garden one afternoon last week. I had been there once before, so I knew the layout pretty well but couldn’t really be sure how much the tall trees surrounding the house would shadow the lawn. In this time of the year here in Sweden, the light is fantastic but quite unforgiving, especially for portraits.

So I brought a Profoto AcuteB 600R and a Magnum reflector to battle the sun.

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Three weeks of our summer vacation we spent in the small town of Collioure in France, and with kids that like to get up early, I saw a lot of fantastic sunrises. A bakery was also a part of that equation, and they tend to open when most people still sleep.

Taking photos of sunrises is one thing, and that can quite easily be done without any fancy equipment, camera stands or lights. But, when you want to include, let’s say, your son in that sunrise photo, some kind of light needs to be added.

On this vacation, I had only packed my Fuji X100s and one Nikon Speedlight SB-800. The flash extension cord stayed for the most of the duration in my bag. The built-in flash in the Fuji is quite good, I think, but it just gives you light from one fixed direction, on-axis with the camera and a little bit too low.

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I haven’t taken the leap to moving pictures, staying stubbornly with still photography and think it will continue to be a great demand for it, even if it doesn’t move.

But, sometimes I work with poeple filming, lately I was called in as a photographer to aid a film photographer when he documented an event at a business school in Stockholm. He filmed interviews, lectures and put together a short clip for his client, my assignment was to add photos to the package.

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Banco-del-Libro_Astrid-Lindgren-Memorial-Award-reciepient. Photographer Stefan Tell

Last week as was in Bologna, Italy, on an assignment for The Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award (ALMA). My job was to cover the announcement of the winner, photograph and deliver press photos from the book fair and generally supply my client with photos from different events during my two days in the city for their image bank.

As this was the tenth anniversary of the prize, some of the earlier recipients were at the fair to celebrate. During a hectic schedule I managed to take a couple of minutes with each of them, to get good up-to date portraits my client can use.

More portraits of the recipients here…