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Who moved the sun?

October 21, 2013 · 4 comments


Natural light is often very nice and easy to work with, but sometimes it comes from the wrong direction and makes the location you find yourself in not optimal. One solution to that might be to chose a better location, but why not move the sun instead?

When shooting portraits of famous author/illustrator Anna Höglund we were using her studio which is a small house on her lawn. It is very small and full of stuff, and that autumn day the sun was shining hard light through the windows. With no adjustment to that light, the portraits would probably come out very dark with too much contrast, not really what I had in mind.

One light and a little diffusion solved it…

Autumn light and flash

October 14, 2013 · 1 comment


The autumn is here in Sweden and the light is hard and low. Mostly.

My latest assignment was to shoot author portrait of Anna, in her garden one afternoon last week. I had been there once before, so I knew the layout pretty well but couldn’t really be sure how much the tall trees surrounding the house would shadow the lawn. In this time of the year here in Sweden, the light is fantastic but quite unforgiving, especially for portraits.

So I brought a Profoto AcuteB 600R and a Magnum reflector to battle the sun.

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This is Anders Jacobsson, well known Swedish author of children’s books, movies and tv-series. He is a nice and happy guy, and is almost always portrayed that way. When I got the assignment from his publisher to shoot a few author portraits, they told me that his next book would be titled “The horror in the attic” (direct translation of the original title). If you write horror stories, even if they are for kids, you can’t really look too happy, so I aimed for something more dark and serious.

This is how I set up the lights…


Last year, I posted a test shot from this photo session with a Swedish author, and now I can show the real portrait. Her book is out, so there is no restrictions anymore.

This is from the studio were we tried a couple of different setups, one of them with a green background and ring flash. My main light was a beauty dish, but the ring flash did its part too by adding fill from the camera angle, on-axis as they say.

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Profoto Ring Flash with PR Widesoft Ring Flash Diffuser, profile studio portrait/headshot.

Finally I have bought a Profoto Ring Flash, together with a PR Widesoft Reflector. I got both used at two different stores last week, by pure luck, and payed a little more than half the price they cost new. So I am happy.

Having only used the Orbis for my Speedlights before (mostly for fun portraits of my kids), this is a big step for me. I have tried using the Orbis in the studio, but never really gotten any good results. This was completely different, and quite difficult.

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