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Large Wheels for Think Tank Logistics Manager [DIY]

Think Tank Logistics Manager 30 is my absolute favorite when it comes to all the camera bags, stand bags, photo bags and other bags I own for my flash equipment, tripods and cameras.

However, it is just like almost as with any rolling case, mostly made to be transported inside airports, offices or other places with a flat and even floor. With small and silly undersized skateboard-like wheels it immediately becomes hard or impossible to use it on gravel roads or a bumpy asphalt. Not to mention in a meadow with grass.

I finally finished my home-made DIY project so my Logistics Manager 30 now instead have large wheels. This is version 1, which works very well, but I’ll will soon do a little smarter and neater solution.

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Clamshell Portrait By The Sea

Clamshell lighting is something I used to do a lot before, then I took a break and almost never used reflectors outdoors. Now I think it is time to bring back that style, as it is gives a very flattering and nice portrait light with very simple equipment.

All you need, in its simplest form, is your main light and a reflector. If you want, you can always switch the reflector to a fill light, but that is maybe not as simple on location as it is in a photo studio.

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Author Portraits of Yoga Duo

Shooting portraits on-location is always a gamble. Is the location as good as advertised? How will the available light affect my ideas about using the environment? Will it be worth the extra cost or time to use it? You never really know.

In this case, yes. That light pattern on the wall in the background would have been very hard to create without a very serious budget, but I got it for no extra cost.

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Translate more from Swedish

I like writing about studio lighting, portrait photography and stuff like that. My Swedish blog has over 1000 blog posts, many of them about lighting techniques, behind the scenes and equipment.

Unfortunately, writing the same content in English takes a lot more time, so I am trying a translation plug-in from Google. It might be confusing here and there, but I think with all the example photos and a little guesswork, you will hopefully enjoy the posts anyway.

Please visit my blog about photography and lighting in Swedish, choose your language in the right column and see if you can find more interesting content.



In Sweden during winter as a photographer you don’t really need that much light. Overpowering the sun is not a challenge when there is no sun to speak of.

But, on vacation skiing up north on a sunny day with lots of snow, suddenly you will need a lot more power. This year, I only brought my two Profoto A1, but for these portraits I only used one.

Fitting a Nikon D750, two lenses, a Profoto A1, an umbrella and a Manfrotto Nano stand in a small backpack was simple. Lighting a portrait and battling the sun was not so much harder.

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