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I like writing about studio lighting, portrait photography and stuff like that. My Swedish blog has over 1000 blog posts, many of them about lighting techniques, behind the scenes and equipment.

Unfortunately, writing the same content in English takes a lot more time, so I am trying a translation plug-in from Google. It might be confusing here and there, but I think with all the example photos and a little guesswork, you will hopefully enjoy the posts anyway.

Please visit my blog about photography and lighting in Swedish, choose your language in the right column and see if you can find more interesting content.



I tested the new Profoto OCF Color Gel Starter Kit last week and it is finally really easy to use them on the Profoto B1 and B2.

With this small and lightweight solution, I don’t need to fiddle with clamps or duct tape to attach color correction or other gels to my battery flashes any more.

Read my short review to see more of what is in the package and what you can use it for.

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One thing I probably have mentioned before is how I love to start a photo session with one lighting setup and then adjust it here and there to produce the most variation in a short time.

When I shot publicity portraits for a Swedish jazz singer we started with a Profoto Giant 180 as the main light, but varied the background and rim lights to achieve different looking results.

Three lights and black background…


Hanna is a Swedish jazz singer, and she contacted me for updated headshots and publicity portraits. After a quick search on Google, I saw that she already had a lot of good portraits, but mostly outdoor and in natural light.

So I prepared a lighting setup in my studio using my new Profoto Giant 180 reflector as main light, in this portrait quite close (just look at the big catchlights).

With the fantastic focused light from my new favorite lighting modifier, despite its size, the facial features got the right amount of contrast in my taste. Especially highlighting the cheekbones nicely.

Profoto Giant and two rim lights

Me x2 on Instagram

February 11, 2016 · 0 comments


I have been posting stuff on Instagram for a couple of years, but just for fun, never as any serious focus on anything special. The main reason has always been that one account is easy to manage with the app, multiple accounts involved a lot more work (especially logging in/out).

Now that the Instagram app on iPhone has the functionality to switch between accounts, it is time for me to separate Stefan Tell, the father of three sons and his daily life thawing food and recycling Ikea furniture from the photographer Stefan Tell with his BTS photos, portraits and nerdy ideas about studio lighting.

Follow one or follow both here:

Stefan Tell, family guy

Stefan Tell, photographer