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With over 900 blog posts on my Swedish photography blog, it was time to offer a new and hopefully easier way of finding the right stuff.

I have now “launched” some kind of companion site (in Swedish) that only displays the portraits and links to the original posts for more info on lighting, setup, equipment used and maybe a diagram?

Just a Beta test, so far…


Photographing products on white background is something that never gets old, with all the e-commerce and catalogs and magazines, clients wants photos that are easy to use everywhere.

But with a white background the products might look flat and boring, often due to the background light that easily can wash away all contrast. Just using two pieces of black paper/cardboard/foamboard can solve that problem.

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From Idea to Reality

August 8, 2012 · 0 comments


Before the summer, I was hired by one of Sweden’s largest online book stores to make seven different still life product photographs for the marketing of a new ebook-reader called Letto.

The idea was not to have the reader stand alone, we planned to build some kind of environment with small still life things around it with the product standing in the center, all with different themes.

My original idea for the lighting was not at all like the final images, but just being a part of the process was interesting and rewarding, even if my ideas and preparations had to be modified to fit in with the clients needs and wants. Or rather, it all changed course during the day and we ended up with a different result.

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Recently I took some product photos for a Swedish online book store called Adlibris, they have an e-book reader with their brand on and it is now connected directly to the store, a bit like Kindle.

When I was testing different lighting setups for this job, I used this one with a blue gradient background together with one totally white. The problem with the gradient is that it looks really good in the camera, but needs more work to look good in a web browser. Not even JPEG with 100% quality could avoid banding.

PNG works really well, sometimes…


Here is a photo from my session with a bikini model for a Swedish swimwear brand called To Die For. The assignment was similar to when I did clothing photography for another brand called FvHast. Here is a step-by-step blog post on how I did that.

The main difference was of course that this session had more skin visible, but I approached it in about the same way. I used a four-light setup and my new Nikon D800 with a 24-70/2.8 lens. The photo above is just adjusted quickly in Lightroom before I sent the whole batch to the client. Later I will remove the background and fix it up nicely in Photoshop.

Will write a more detailed report on the workflow and the setup I used later.