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Headshot on black, Profoto Giant 180


One thing I probably have mentioned before is how I love to start a photo session with one lighting setup and then adjust it here and there to produce the most variation in a short time.

When I shot publicity portraits for a Swedish jazz singer we started with a Profoto Giant 180 as the main light, but varied the background and rim lights to achieve different looking results.

Same lighting setup again, almost

This is the same Giant, the same gridded rim lights from behind but with one small change, in this photo I pulled out my deep black Molton curtain to get the background totally black.

Another thing, for variation, is the post processing that is a bit warmer in this portrait than the one before.

And with just that small change, you get something completely different. I think Hanna changed her clothes as well from the turtleneck in this studio headshot to something more open.

One small thing I regret is that I never turned off the rim lights behind Hanna, it would have been interesting to see how this portrait turned out with just one light source.

Note to self: always try turn off lights to see the difference.


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