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January 15, 2014 · 1 comment


Yesterday I was shooting portraits for a Swedish health care company and their annual report, mainly of their CEO. We began when it was dark outside with photos from their office but suddenly the sun showed itself.

The hours (or minutes) of sun here in Sweden this winter have been easy to count, but now the snow has finally arrived and the light is suddenly fantastic. This portrait was a spur of the moment, and I am glad to have started to move to more mobile lighting solutions, in this case two Speedlights and a Profoto Speedlight Speedring Adapter together with a 2×3 (60×90) RFi softbox.


With the strong sun shining in above the rooftops into their office, I could use that moment just by moving the light stand with the Speedlights close to the CEO that I asked to stand near the windows. No looking for electricity or complicating things by trying to do something more than that.

To mix the ambient with my Speedlights, I set the shutter speed to 1/60s and the aperture to f/4. The effect on the two Speedlights was 1/32 which was more than enough to overpower the office lights. No gels were needed either.

Might buy a B1 soon…

I have a lot of lights and light modifiers, and I use most of them regularly. Bringing a lot of equipment to a photoshoot on-location is often a good thing as you can solve a lot of problem, but it is easy to restrict yourself and just try one or maybe two scenes when it takes so long to set things up and tear it down.

My goal right now is to fit all my lights I need into my Kata backpack, together with cameras and lenses. The light stands can I take in a separate bag. It is no problem to carry one bag, but two or three makes me a dull boy.

If I can have one Profoto B1 and some Speedlights, I can do a lot of things and still feel flexible enough to move around. Just by moving around and trying different angles and backgrounds, I can offer more variation to my clients which in turn make them happier, and they will probably buy more photos as well.

That is my plan for 2014, at least on-location. In the studio I can make things more complicated and experiment without having to break my back.

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1 601 Photography January 19, 2014 at 20:38

Beautifully, and simply, done. You’re a constant source of inspiration and ideas Stefan. šŸ™‚


601 Photo


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