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Vacation is over


After six weeks of vacation with my family, it is time for work again. Keeping the twins (now 7 months old) and their older brother (soon 4 years) happy and entertained has been a full time project itself.

My plan was to spend some nights of the vacation making a great plan for this autumn, but after the last photos were delivered I soon found myself switching to full vacation mode. Even if vacation no longer means rest in the same sense it did before (kids).


I have always thought that I don’t need that much sleep, and that there is always little more time to get things done or plan stuff. With three kids and myself getting older (just 40, but anyway) I must work smarter, not harder. There is no longer an option to drain myself during the day, so good planning is more and more important.

And planning is important to get myself to do stuff that I want to do, not just do thing that fall into my lap. I have been fortunate to get a lot of work just by having a good web presence, but those assignments are not always what builds my portfolio in the right direction or makes my days at work fun and challenging.

One small thing that I will try to think of on every assignment is to at least take one extra shot exactly the way I want it, even if it is not in the brief. Always giving the clients only and exactly what they ask for is not a recipe for getting better.

And maybe buy a ring flash, a real one.

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