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Nice light from Litepanels


I haven’t taken the leap to moving pictures, staying stubbornly with still photography and think it will continue to be a great demand for it, even if it doesn’t move.

But, sometimes I work with poeple filming, lately I was called in as a photographer to aid a film photographer when he documented an event at a business school in Stockholm. He filmed interviews, lectures and put together a short clip for his client, my assignment was to add photos to the package.


Most of the day, we both used available light, walking around documenting the day, but for the interviews he used Litepanels to make the subjects look a little better. And they did. I took some stills during the interviews and was very surprised how easy a small LED-panel could make it all look so much better.

litepanelsHe had rented a 1×1 Litepanel for the day (I have heard that they are quite expensive) and set that up just outside the frame when doing the interview. Mixing the LED light with available light was very easy and for me, I could mostly use the photos from my camera without adjusting the exposure, it all blended nicely with the light around and behind the subject.

This LED light was battery powered and could be zoomed (flood/spot) as well as dimmed. I think there are versions that can adjust colour temperature as well.


After this assignment, we have done another just like it, and for me as a photographer this feels like a good niche to explore. I don’t have any interest in adding moving pictures and all the extra work/learning, equipment/terabytes around it right now, so joining forces with this guy feels like a step in the right direction.

Many companies ask for pictures that move, but doing it all by myself is very hard if the client also wants photos from the same event. Being at least two makes it all so much easier. And I don’t have to buy new stuff.

But back to the LED panels, if I didn’t have so much invested in studio lights, I think I could like working with them. A lot easier to quickly get the right light mixed with the available light, and if I just had one panel, not that much to carry.

And the portraits in this series look very professional, in a tv-studio lighting way.

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