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One last model portrait

Model portrait using two studio lights, Profoto Magnum. Photographer Stefan Tell

This will be the last photo from this portrait session I did for a guy wanted to get into the modelling business as a male model. Last I heard from him, he had signed for an agency so I guess the pictures did what they were for. Showing his potential.

First we started with a one-light setup using only a Profoto D1 250 Air and a Magnum reflector, together with a reflector for a little fill.


The only difference from the last shot (read Profoto Magnum model portrait for more details) was that I added a second Profoto D1 behind a Chimera panel with diffusion fabric to act as fill camera right.

You can see a tiny bit of the corner of the panel, up in the upper right corner of this behind the scenes-photo. The effect of this second light is a second catchlight in his left eye and a little more detail on the shadow side of his face.

The one-light portrait I did earlier got a pretty hard contrast treatment, I felt that it was the best way to make it interesting in black and white. This on the other hand could be good even with a softer contrast to keep the details in the shadows visible.

These photos were adjusted for contrast and sharpness in Lightroom, as well as converted to black and white. No skin retouch or stuff like that. Shot with a Nikon D700 with a 85mm/1.4 lens.

Which one do you think works best, just one light or the one with fill?

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