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Testing Flattr

This week I got an invite for a new social micropayment project from some of the guys behind PirateBay, and I think it is a really great idea, so I will try it here on my blog for a while.

Here is a short introduction to the concept behind it, read more on their site, Flattr.com if you are interested.

This blog of mine is purely for my own satisfaction, and I don’t ask for anything (except a comment or two, perhaps), but if I can get a little something from it, why not? Let’s see if it works. If you have a Flattr-account, just click the Flattr-icon and something will happen, I’m not just sure what it is yet.

Would you pay a small sum for the content on my blog, if you found it interesting or helpful? Please leave a comment, it would be interesting to know.

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