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[REVIEW] Profoto C1 Plus

Profoto C1 Plus is the new LED light and flash from Swedish lighting company Profoto, with variable colour temperature (even for the flash this time), and a built-in battery that will last forever. Almost.

This super small LED based light source will come in two versions, I have tested the Plus but there is one just named C1 as well. The main difference is that the basic version will not be modular and work with grids and gel etc, plus it has a weaker flash. But is a lot smaller in size.

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[REVIEW] Profoto B10 Plus

Profoto B10 Plus is the latest battery powered light from Profoto, a few inches longer than the Profoto B10 and slightly heavier. And you will get twice the light output (500Ws compared to 250Ws) but half the number of flashes at full effect (it uses the same battery as B10).

That was the short version of my review. Scroll on to read the rest, and see a size comparison between Profoto B1, B10 and B10 Plus.

Read my full review of Profoto B10 Plus here…

Piggyback stand basket for rolling cases [DIY]

Since I upgraded my ThinkTank Logistics Manager 30 with bigger wheels (link in post), my next thing to improve was how I transport tripods, stands and lighting modifiers such as umbrellas and softboxes.

When I only bring two lighting stands and two umbrellas, I can stick them in the pocket on the front. But for larger assignments with more equipment, I need a separate bag. And together with a backpack, that is not making my back happy.

Building instructions, step by step…
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Bringing lighting equipment on family holidays is not something I do all the time, but once a year it happens. My oldest son is kind enough to model for me, and this time in front of a Profoto B10. Last year it was with the then new A1.

One of the days on the ski resort gave us fantastic weather, the same harsh sun as last year with the same deep blue sky. But working against the sun without flash tends to wash out almost everything, and I really wanted some lens flare again.

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Sell twice as many portraits

If I as a photographer can let my clients chose from more different portraits with more different backgrounds and styles, chances are big that they will buy more.

That has been my sales pitch the last few years, and it works. The more choices I give to my clients, the more portraits they will buy. And the best part is that they will pay me more money but at the same time they will be more satisfied.

Truth be told, if you are in need of a professional portrait, two or three will be a lot more useful than just one. In the long run, at least. Why buy just one carton of milk when you have walked all the way to the store? Especially if you could use two in a near future.

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