1_Barbro-Lindgren-Winner-of-the Astrid-Lindgren-Memorial-Award_ALMA-2014

This is a portrait of Barbro Lindgren, famous Swedish author and the winner of The Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award (ALMA) 2014. I have worked with this organization for many years now, and this part of my assignment is always the most fun, and the most challenging. Once a year I have an hour to produce good publicity portraits that they can use for press and information.

This year the weather gods were happy and we had a nice sky with small fluffy clouds that made a good background. It is a pretty hectic schedule trying to shoot as many portraits in different styles on this small island in the middle of Stockholm, so I tend to travel light with as little equipment as possible.

A Speedlight, an umbrella and a C-stand…


This is just a quick tip how to take a great portrait in natural light, put your model in a door opening, or a step or two into it. The exact position will reveal itself as you try your way to the best light.

The opening should be in the shade so direct sunlight won’t hit your model, if you like you can always use a reflector to add some fill light to the scene. I have found that this “technique” is very useful when you want to add contrast to portraits. This applies mostly to light situations when the light outside is stronger than inside, but a light inside can add a little hair light or make the background more interesting.

That was just a quick blog post to get me going again, I have been neglecting this blog in English for too long due to a lot of reasons, mostly work. Or sick kids. But, I will try to add a few interesting posts soon.


This is another headshot from the portrait session I had with an aspiring Swedish actor a couple of weeks ago. I often work this way, from a prepared set to something simplified where I have removed almost everything I started with.

In this case, all that is left is the Profoto D1 with a beauty dish camera left.

Make it simpler and simpler…


Recently I was asked by an actor to shoot some headshots for him that he could use to promote himself with. Good portraits are always a good start, and I started as usual with a much more complicated lighting setup but removed light after light until there only were two left.

We did a lot of different portraits that session, and I will probably show them later, this post is about this setup which can easily be modified in small steps to produce a good range of portraits, just by adjusting some angles and moving the main light a little bit. I always like to deliver variation.

More portraits and a diagram here…

Example: lighting an outdoor portrait with the Wescott Ice Light - LED Lighting

This was my second time I used the Westcott Ice Light for some much needed fill doing some outdoor portraits for a consultant a cloudy and grey day. The photos from my first assignment are not yet published, so I will have to wait with those.

Unfortunately I didn’t shoot any portraits without the Ice Light, so I can’t really give you a comparison of how they would have looked if I hadn’t the help of this very portable and flexible lighting tool that I now bring along everywhere.

Ice Light is good for fill in daylight…